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Police say robber who was shot dead in armed robbery was ex-policeman

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Leslie Logan, Jr., a former police constable, was shot dead at around 2:45 p.m. on Friday, just after he allegedly robbed a store in Orange Walk Town.

Orange Walk police say that Logan was the man who robbed Hung Yun Supermarket in front of the Northern Regional Hospital. Logan was reportedly one of two men who entered the store. One of the robbers who was armed with a gun held up the store attendant and stole money from the cash register, then handed it to his partner, who ran off. The gunman, however, was not so lucky. He was shot in his right side below his armpit as he tried to escape. The shooter, police say was the store’s proprietor.

Police say they retrieved a gun near Logan’s body and another that belongs to the store owner.

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