13-year-old girl missing, mother asks for public’s help

motherJenevieve Zelaya, the mother of Aloveen Mariano, 13, is livid with the Department of Human Services because her daughter, who was kept at a safe house under that unit’s care and authority, has gone missing for the second time in three weeks. 

The child was taken away from Zelaya after she [the child] got into trouble with the law along with others in January and she began receiving threats the following month on her life when she became the prosecution’s main witness in the case.

missing AloveenBut Zelaya says that if her child can run away for the second time in such short space of time, it appears that she is not safe at the facility.

The reason why the little girl left is two-fold: she alleges that she is verbally mistreated at the facility and she was influenced by another girl who also stays at the facility.

The last time Mariano went missing, she was picked some days later in an entirely different location from where she was placed.

Zelaya claims that the Department has never informed her of her child’s disappearances nor her discovery the last time.

She says that when Mariano was scheduled to appear in court, the child was a no-show because the social worker in charge of her case did not know of the trial date.

This time, Zelaya is more than worried for the safety of her child because now she has no means of communicating with the girl.

The last time the child ran away she communicated with her mother through telephone.

In her effort to find out what is the latest with the child’s whereabouts and wellbeing, Zelaya visited the Human Services office on Regent Street this week.

She is still asking anyone to keep an eye out for the girl and to call her at cell number 602-5715, if the child is seen.

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