“Complex” neighbourhood hot! 20 year old man shot and killed.

City Police have detained one man in their investigation of the murder of Miraldo Alvarez, 20, unemployed, who was gunned down near the junction of McKenzie  Lewis Streets around 9:45 last Friday night, August 24.

Alvarez’s death was but the latest in a steadily increasing series of deadly shootings in the area behind the Charles Bartlett Hyde “Complex” Building in the Lake Independence area of southside Belize City.

Two gunmen emerged from the shadows of an abandoned green  bungalow house, and one of them fired four shots at Alvarez and his friend “Japhet,” as they approached on their bicycles. Alvarez was hit in his lower back, while Japhet escaped unhurt.

Alvarez died half an hour later while undergoing surgery in the Emergency Room  at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Alvarez had plans to marry his girlfriend in December.

Her mother, Dianne Enriquez, told The Reporter that Alvarez was at her home on Friday night.

“He got up from where he was watching television with his friend, Japhet, and told me that he was going out to buy fried chicken.” Enriquez said that somebody in the area had shot at Japhet earlier that day.

“I told him not to go, because  gunmen outside could be dodging and they’ll shoot anyone….

“No sooner than he left the house, I heard the gunshots,” she recalled.

She explained that Alvarez lived at her home, as well as at his mother’s home in the Belama area of the city’s northside.

She said her daughter is heartbroken over Alavarez’s death, because she had picked the subject of Gang Violence in Belize City, for her presentation in the upcoming Los Angeles Queen of the Bay Pageant, in which she was  a contestant.

“He was not in any kind of gang,” Enriquez explained, “He was expecting to start a job on Monday.

“He was a friend with everyone. He was even friendly with some of the gang members in the PIV Gang,” she recalled.

The shooting occurred a short distance away from the home of former area representative Cordel Hyde, who assisted in taking Alvarez to the K.H.M.H.

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