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Two families homeless after Pickstock fire

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter Two families were left homeless but fortunately no one was injured by a fire which completely destroyed two buildings at #33 and #35 Pickstock Street around 7:15 A.M. Monday, April 18. The fire reportedly began in the kitchen of the lower flat of a […]

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N.T.U.C.B. wants Musa to resign

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Diagnostic Centre upgrades with open MRI system

The Belize Diagnostic Centre has acquired the first and only MRI system in Belize. The addition of the GE Signa Profile Open MRI complements and extends the range of high quality diagnostic services to their imaging base of CAT scan, Ultrasound, Mammogram and X-Ray machines. The Belize Diagnostic Centre is […]

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SPEAR denounces GOB

In the continuing struggle for good governance, democracy and sustainable development, SPEAR fully supports, the profound objections of the Association of Concerned Belizeans and others in relation to the government SPEAR understands that the government is attempting to take corrective measures to remedy the uncertainties it has created in the […]

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Editorial (10.04.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Two things seem clear from recent revelations describing the actions of Prime Minister Said Musa in his dealings with investors over B.T.L. The first is that the Prime Minister has been operating from a commitment to his wealthy investor friends and a callous disregard for […]

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Belizeans and Guatemalans agree on trans-border issues

A number of useful recommendations came out of the recent talks between businessmen from Belize and Guatemala who identify themselves as stakeholders in the trans-border tourist trade. Earlier this month a delegation from Belize travelled to Guatemala and for two days held business talks with their Guatemalan counterparts. The Belize […]

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Tax forgiveness for Ashcroft:

The Association of Concerned Belizeans has issued a release denouncing the government of Prime Minister Said Musa for its poor performance and for its decision to write off millions of dollars in taxes owed by the Ashcroft group of rich companies. They described it as a

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Village Councils jubilant over new autonomy

The Belize District Association of Village Councils (BDAVCO) has announced support for several new tax amendments. The Village Council Association has said it commends the amendment to Land Tax Act that will give Village Councils the right to collect lot taxes beginning April 1st, 2005. Village Councils will also be […]

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Speednet succeeds where Intelco failed Smart vs Digicell, locked in competition

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter The long awaited arrival of Speednet Speednet began offering postpaid and prepaid packages on an assortment of handset models from its baseline Kyocera model starting at $275 right up to pricier models with a colour screens and even a camera for prices in the […]

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Fuel prices up! GOB taxes down

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter Fuel prices went up again this week, across the board an average of 23 cents per gallon on regular gasoline, premium and diesel, as a result of record high world prices on crude oil. The only good news in this situation is that government […]