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Haven House takes action to protect battered women

Women of Belize are taking a strong stand against the growing trend of violence against women. Haven House, which offers a shelter for battered women when their own homes are not safe, has announced a year-long campaign to raise national awareness about this private threat which hangs over the heads […]

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C.X.C. Belize honours 502 students

Five hundred two high school graduates received certificates of achievement when the National C.X.C. Committee for Belize held its annual national awards ceremony at the St. John’s College Gymnasium in Belize City on Thursday, November 25, 2004. The students were honoured for their outstanding performance in the Caribbean Secondary Education […]


Ultimatum to Prime Minister: No new tax without reform!

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and the National Trade Union Congress have sent an ultimatum to Prime Minister Said Musa. They will refuse to support any move for new taxes unless and until the Government takes steps to bring about constitutional and political reforms. The coalition of business and labour […]

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pregnant mother dies at the hands of lover

Belize City police have charged 29-year-old Lloyd When the expected mother of six was found, she was lying face down in a pool of blood, with a gunshot wound to the left side of her chest. According to a police report, Brakeman and his wife were at home, located at […]


Belize Bank tightens lending policy

Belize A check with the bank loans department has confirmed the reports. According to bank personnel, people wishing to make loans will only qualify if they have a co-signer who has the amount of cash in the bank or if, applicants have collateral that cover the amount in the loan. […]

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Editorial (28.11.04)

The joint declaration this week by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Union Congress is the expression of two private sector organisations which have completely lost their confidence in the Musa Administration to govern the people with justice and equity. In the days which follow, […]

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D.F.C. sell out! Buyers wanted!

The Prime Minister Since June 2003, the corporation has been working on a restructuring plan in an effort to make the institution more sustainable and to take recognition of the changing role of the development banks in the region and of the criteria required by the traditional multi-lateral lending institutions. […]

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Cops ready for Christmas crooks

Citizens concerned about the crime explosion announcing the beginning of the Christmas season can take comfort in the knowledge that the Police Department has already stepped up both foot and mobile street patrols in Belize City and elsewhere. Street patrols have already been beefed up with senior staff from police […]

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P.M. admits Prosser didn

The financially strapped Musa government is sinking deeper in money woes as it appears government may have to fork up money to pay for another government guaranteed multi-million dollar loan that Jeffrey Prosser, B.T.L. Musa, in a November 12, television interview with Channel 7, admitted, after months of denials, that […]


Chamber urges GOB to audit DFC before sale

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has told the government of Belize that it is not of the view that the the Development Finance Corporation should be closed without doing a thorough review to establish possible causes for its unusual and unexpected demise. The Chamber communicated this view to […]