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Barrier Reef sellout?

Thurs. Dec. 2, 2004 Belizean investors David Gegg and David Courtenay are pushing an ambitious project proposal to lease some 63 miles of the Belize Barrier Reef for 20 years to develop what is essentially an aquatic theme park. The Barrier Reef Park as it

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Belizeans walk for AIDS awareness

Hundreds of concerned Belizeans, students and health workers participated in the Annual AIDS Walk though the streets of Belize City from the Constitution Park to the Memorial Park on World AIDS Day, Wednesday, December 1. AIDS Commission Technical Director Ruth Jaramillo welcomed the participants to a short ceremony at the […]

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BEL to buy bagasse energy

The Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Co-generation Energy Limited (BELCOGEN) have signed a power purchase agreement on Wednesday that should keep electricity rates from going up in the long run, despite possible increase in diesel prices.

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Belizeans celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day

Keep the Garifuna language and culture alive at home in our communities and world wide was the theme of this year Hardly a ripple stirred the surface of the Belize river, as if even the Almighty had ordained smooth sailing for the three boatloads of

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Judgement day for Inga Aikman

Today was the day the C.X.C. national committee chose to award students who excelled in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). It was also judgement day for Inga Aikman. One she waited for since 2003 when she sat eight C.X.C. general/Technical proficiency and passed them all, eight (1s) She also […]

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BTL & Belize Bank clash over $30 million loan

The Belize Telecommunications Limited, the telephone monopoly now owned by Jeffrey Prosser of Innovative Communications Corporation (I.C.C.), has accused the Belize Bank of improperly tying up $30 million dollars worth of B.T.L. deposits. B.T.L. says the deed, done in November last year, was clearly one of conflict of interest since […]

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D.F.C. sell out! Buyers wanted!

The Prime Minister Since June 2003, the corporation has been working on a restructuring plan in an effort to make the institution more sustainable and to take recognition of the changing role of the development banks in the region and of the criteria required by the traditional multi-lateral lending institutions. […]

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Princess mgr. on trial – illegally exporting U.S. $$

The Magistrate Court trial of a Princess Hotel floor manager, Murat Kalender, accused of illegally exporting U.S. $16,094 in cash on July 8 of this year, continued on Monday with more witnesses testifying for the prosecution. Kalender, the prosecution is alleging, failed to declare the U.S. currency while departing Belize […]

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Human rights education gets a boost from San Carlos University

Presently on a week-long visit to Belize is Dr. Marco Antonio Sagastume Gemmell, Director of the Institute for Legal Research at San Carlos University in neighbouring Guatemala. This international/regional human rights lawyer and scholar who has penned many book on human rights issues is here to support the work of […]

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P.M. admits Prosser didn

The financially strapped Musa government is sinking deeper in money woes as it appears government may have to fork up money to pay for another government guaranteed multi-million dollar loan that Jeffrey Prosser, B.T.L. Musa, in a November 12, television interview with Channel 7, admitted, after months of denials, that […]