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Editorial (20.02.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher The recent history of BTL in Belize is a good example of what can happens when dry rot takes control of a government which loses sight of the public interest it has been elected to protect. The story is so bizarre that it belongs to […]


The flip side…Prosser accuses GOB of perfidy!

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Jeffrey Prosser the American businessman who took control of Belize Telecommun-ications Limited (B.T.L.) by means of a promissory note almost a year ago, is no longer in control of BTL. The Government of Belize in deciding to take back control of B.T.L., dissolved Pros-ser

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By Harry Lawrence – Publisher There is a way forward for Belize that addresses all of our pressing problems. It is a legal and constitutional way forward, but it will involve some sacrifice and some tough decisions. Want to hear about it? Sometimes in the life of a nation it […]

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NTUCB rejects GOB proposals

At a joint meeting of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (N.T.U.C.B.) and other Social Partners held on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, both groups denounced government I. roll back the Tax Increase so resoundly rejected by the people of Belize, but still implemented by GOB as law today, February […]

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By Harry Lawrence No Government in the world has the right to tax its people without representation. That is so because the will of the people is the basis of government. Prime Minister Said Musa points to the elections of February 2003 and his massive majority at the polls as […]

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Fire leaves 3 homeless

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter A family of three were temporarily left homeless when a fire gutted their concrete bungalow house on Castle Street in Belize City on Wednesday morning. Next door neighbour, Eric Kisling said no one was at home when the fire started in the house which […]

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Punish those responsible! Concerned Belizeans advocate

The Association of concerned Belizeans (ACB) this week issued a statement in solidarity with the demand of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Union Congress for fiscal and constitutional reform. Without mincing words the Association recognizes that

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Child, 9, found raped & murdered

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor Police have no leads in the gruesome rape and murder of nine year old Claudia Matute Ramirez whose dead body was found floating in a creek some 200 yards from her Pen Road home in Dangriga. Police say while the child was found wearing […]

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Soldier 22 drowns in Macal while on BDF patrol mission

Twenty-two-year-old Adrian Coc of Gulf Company, Belize Defence Force, drowned in the Mopan river near San Jose Succotz on Sunday, last January 15 while on a B.D.F mission. A Ministry of Defence release says Coc went under while trying to swim across to the Xunantunich side of the river to […]