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Editorial (27.03.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Christmas marks the beginning of the promise to rescue and redeem the peoples of the earth. Easter, Glorious Easter, marks the fulfilment of that promise through the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus. The promise of Redemption is bountifully documented in the accounts of […]

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PUC says

The Public Utilities Commission issued its initial decision of its Annual Review Proceeding on Belize Water Services B.W.S. applied to the P.U.C. last December for a review, claiming two

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Printers Ass

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher At the civil hearing on Wednesday of the dispute between the Belize Printers ?ssociation and the government of Belize, the Court ordered Print Belize to produce an affidavit attesting to its audited balance sheet for the period August 2002 to March 2003. The first two […]

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Editorial (20.03.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher By now it must be clear to all what the leadership of the People They befriend business people and companies who go to them for help and in this way they create a stockpile of resources which they can then use to win elections. The […]

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Editorial (13.03.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Belize Electricity Limited, our monopoly power company, has been making strong representations to the Public Utilities Commission for higher electricity rates for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The company argues that the cost of production including fuel has gone up, so it wants to increase […]

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Family of 3 perish at Dangriga swim hole

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter A mother of three and two other children drowned in a tragic river incident on Sunday last, March 6 in the normally placid waters of North Stann Creek River which flows through the heart of Dangriga. Twenty-six year old Benedicta Valerio lost her footing […]

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Belizean sun rises on B.T.L.

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor Three senior telecommunications executives of B.T.L., Karen Bevans, Head of Business Development/Marketing, Gaspar Aguilar, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and Roberto Young, Director of Telecommunications at the Public Utilities Commission, are in negotiations with the government to buy the majority shares of the Belize […]

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(Economics) The Musa Administration

By Ambrose Tillett Jr. Jose Coye and Godfrey Smith press conference on May 27, 2005, seemed more like a circus were it not for the serious public business being discussed and the clowns in this case made sure that the joke was on us the tax paying Belizean public. Readers […]


Editorial (27.02.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Now that the People Musa appears to be firmly entrenched as the leader of his party, and the Prime Minister Emeritus has shown by his actions that he approves. The Party has succeeded in getting its leadership posts filled according to plan and Musa would […]

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DFC: Down, but not counted out!

By Lisbeth Ayuso The Development Finance Corporation has been under tremendous scrutiny since the Social Security hearings began over a month ago. Those hearings brought to light several irregularities practiced by the institution and left several unanswered questions in regard to its function. The heat continues to flare as more […]