Youths to picket budget

An  assembly of youth leaders, now operating under the name Nation Builders, has made a showing in Belmopan last Wednesday during the budget debate, ostensibly to register dissatisfaction with the new Barrow Budget.

On Friday, July 6, Nation Builders declared thatit would launch a national  drive  to declare  No Confidence in the 2012-2013 budget because it does not adequately address the problems of youth development.

The organization also calls on The Ministers of Education and Youth, the Hon. Patrick Farber and Hon. Herman Longsworth, to address  issues raised by  the organization..

In a statement the Nation Builders  organization   stated that it is  “deeply concerned” about the government’s lack of  plans for youth development. The statementgoes  on to say that the dreams and aspirations of young Belizeans are being “overlooked and postponed.”

This is the first utterance coming from the group since the Wednesday, June 27,  whenit dispatched a letter addressed to the Government of Belize requesting that the interests of youths in Belize be  given  high priority.

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