Why Expand The BPO Industry in Belize?

Have you ever needed customer service and had to call a 0-800 number? Chances are that instead of speaking to someone in America or Belize, you are probably talking to someone in India, Philippines, Costa Rica, or even in Honduras or Guatemala. How has this been made possible?

Thanks to globalization many businesses worldwide have been able to outsource certain aspects of their business functions or activities, to countries where the tasks can be done more efficiently, and cheaper. This outsourcing is commonly known to us as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and it can be categorized into either back office outsourcing, which includes human resources, accounting, pay and bill, or front office outsourcing, which includes customer-related services such as marketing or technical support. In Belize, we are much more familiar with the front office outsourcing, which are all functions executed by local companies such as Transparent BPO, Invictus, Belize BPO, InfoTel, and Ready Call.

Why should Belize invest in the expansion of the BPO Industry?

First of all, Belize prides itself as the only English-speaking country in Central America; therefore, these companies will not need to be training Belizeans on how to speak English. Additionally, Belizeans can easily adopt the American accent, and can readily adjust to different cultures due to the cultural affinity with the United States and the Caribbean. This is an important factor that companies would consider when investing. Our location is also critical to our success, that is, we are easily accessible to companies in North America, and South America, which encourages near-shoring; hence, reducing the cost to the investor..

What are the opportunities for Belize in the BPO Industry? 

Opportunities range from employment generation, to increased knowledge and skills for individuals, increase in technology, infrastructure and investments; as well as boost in revenues.

Currently, there is one, single contact center employing approximately 900 individuals from across our country, as a single entity. There is no other entity apart from G.O.B. that is engaging in such large scale employment therefore increasing the productivity of our people.

Let us now imagine the possibility, if we have four contact centers with 250- 350 seats established; with one center each being in Punta Gorda, Dangriga, Corozal, and San Ignacio, this will yield to approximately five hundred people being hired, in each location. Certainly this will reduce Belize’s rate of unemployment, which will trickle down to reduction in crime, poverty, as well as other social dilemma that we are currently facing.

Apart from that, companies in the BPO industry embrace the advancement of technology; therefore, they will introduce world level technology and technical know-how, along with state of the art equipment, and infrastructure to Belize.

Accompanying the technology will be the exposure to valued skills that Belizeans will be getting. The extensive training and skills of Belizeans will ensure that they are knowledgeable on the softwares, and equipment, therefore making them experts in the BPO Industry; as well as contribute to the overall upgrading of the human capital of the host country.

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