UDP using BATSUB to lull the people, says BPP

The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has accused the United Democratic Party (UDP) government of misleading Belizeans, offering a false sense of security with the return of British Troops.

The BPP, in a press release this week, reacted to the statements made by Guatemala’s President-Elect Jimmy Morales and the timing of the British troops’ return as “…a strategic move by the current administration to lull the Belizean people into thinking that some sort of security guarantee is forthcoming, thus clouding the reality that their failed ‘4A Policy’ of appeasement, acquiescence, accommodation and adherence remains.”

According to the BPP, both the UDP and the People’s United Party (PUP) have adopted a casual attitude in regard to the territorial claim. adding that the ‘4A policy’ puts Belize’s sovereignty at great risk.

The BPP said it is “the only viable political entity whose principles are correct on this matter of national significance from the onset.”
It added, “The BPP encourages all Belizeans to remain focused and not be swayed via the latest attempt by the powers that be, to deceive the public at-large.”

At a recent pressconference, Morales addressed Belize, which he called a ‘state’ more than once, saying, “…And with pain in my heart, Belize! Belize! How can we forget Belize? Up until a few years ago, the constitution of Guatemala said that Belize is Guatemalan territory and still we have a differendum and without wanting to fight with our brothers and neighbors, but with satisfaction, I say that we should not give up even a centimeter of our territory, a centimeter of our sea, a centimeter of that, which joins us by history…”

The 2008 Compromis is a special agreement signed between Belize and Guatemala agreeing to hold a referendum on whether or not the territorial dispute should be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In May 2015 Wilfred Elrington, minister of Foreign Affairs, travelled to Guatemala at the request of Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales with intention to amend the Compromis, the party charged.

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