There has to be an End

I love my country and that will never change. No matter how far away I travel and may reside, my heart and soul will always remain in Belize.
The life I experienced growing up in the 1970’s is a far cry from the Belize I see today. As with most other things, life was simpler back then and things were less complicated. There was no social media and attention seekers numbered less. Violent crime was almost unheard of – little or no robberies, assaults and sexual crimes.

Maybe it was because the population was small or maybe it was because access to weapons was limited. Whatever the reason, I am certain that if I were to compare the crime statistics versus the population size then and now, the difference would be huge.

One of the first things I do in the mornings, is to look up Belizean news. The picture I get is awful and it seems that there is an unwritten crime code which insists that all acts outdo the other.
I believe that a portion of the population has become immune to the effects and level of crime occuring today. Normal human instinct is to block out that which does not affect us directly but there has to be a human side that cares. How that caring translates into change is anyone’s guess. Some will take direct action, others will advocate for change, while others will build higher fences, install more razor wires and install complicated security systems with more guards. The bare and plain truth is that at the rate violent crime is increasing and with a population of just over 350,000 plus citizens, it is just a matter of time before it comes knocking at your door.

Has the situation reached an irreversible stage? The answer is no. There is still hope but that window of hope is rapidly closing. When we reach the stage of Honduras or El Salvador, it is really time to take tough, drastic action and that is a level that we do not want reach.
The nation needs a collective multi-pronged approach to curb crime. That will come when each and every citizen becomes opposed to crime. We must reach the point where we report crime, give information to solve crimes, condemn it and not become a part of or uphold it. The easiest thing to do is to ignore it but that is the last thing we should do, since the head in the sand approach has never worked.

Violent crime can only grow and flourish in a population that provides the seeds, soil and fertilizer to make yield even more fruit. Criminality breeds criminals and does not ebb until it is forced to. Some of the simplest things we can do to decrease crime is to stop buying stolen goods. It may seem like a gain but in reality it encourages break ins and robberies to skyrocket.

Robberies in modern day Belize has become a key catalyst to murder. Demand does not exist in a vacuum and there is no police force or law enforcement authority that has enough manpower and resources to combat all forms of crimes within its borders. Even the most advanced First World countries in the world, with billions of dollars in resources and some of the most complex and advanced forms of technology, is powerless to put a full stop on crime.

Crime will exist as long as mankind is around because it is part of Human Nature. What is possible is the reduction and managability of crime, to the point where ordinary citizens can enjoy the freedoms their have country offer.

The Belize Police Force and the Government of Belize is now in position where it needs the citizens to lend a hand to deal with the epidemic that has plagued the nation. As citizens we must act, we must protect, we must defend because our collective safety is at risk. If you love your country, your communities, our neighbourhoods, the time to act is now.

It’s all about the people!

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