Taiwan donates Bz. $1.3 million for Tilapia project at Central Farm

bOn Tuesday this week the Republic of China (Taiwan) donated $651,725 USD to the Ministry of Agriculture for the GOB-ROC (Taiwan) Aquaculture Project.

The cheque was presented by the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) Ambassador, His Excellency David Wu, to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Hon. Gaspar Vega.

This was the second donation toward the tilapia project, which is to be five-year  project that will cost approximately BZ$5 million.

Today’s donation will be used for the construction of a hatchery center for tilapia farming at Central Farm.

The project is to provide male tilapia fingerlings to small- scale farmers around the country. Thus far, more than  60 farmers have benefited from the project and the long-term goal is to assist around 200 farmers.

Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, speaking on behalf of the Government of Belize and tilapia farmers, expressed his gratitude for the donation. It will enhance the tilapia hatchery and tilapia farming in Belize will greatly benefit from this new resource.

His Excellency Ambassador Wu stated that the hope for the centre is to produce one million fingerlings to be supplied to farmers of Belize to produce more of the fish in the future.

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