Starret Green shares the key to success in business

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

Belize Invest, this week, shared words of wisdom from Organization of American States (OAS) representative in Belize, Starret D. Greene, on how to achieve success.
Speaking at a training program conducted by the Young American Business Trust (YABT), which operates under the OAS, Greene emphasized that the first step to achieving success is identifying goals.
Green advised the budding entrepreneurs to approach their goals and aspirations with seriousness and to avoid distractions that might jeopardize their focus.
He said in order to have success in the field of business, one must have the support of family members, friends, acquaintances and like-minded people. He encouraged the business aspirants to find support if they have not done so.

The expert told the aspirants to find supporters and “talk to them about what you want to accomplish, and then lay out in detail the extent of the support you are going to need.” He said that the contribution might mean practical means such as transportation, money, or time.
Greene also advised that finding mentorship that can provide knowledge, guidance and experience is essential. Those who are willing to give long term, selfless support are the best supporters, he said.
Greene also spoke on an area where Belize is lacking. He noted that research and information gathering in the country is minimal and needs to be increased. He encouraged the budding entrepreneurs to make research a habit and collect as much information on their businesses, sales patterns and clients as possible.

Above all, Greene encouraged the trainees to put their feet on the ground and develop a realistic plan which can work with the resources they have at hand.
Perseverance against all odds, he advised, will be the determining factor for the survival of a business. He told the aspirants present to never give up. “There will be days, weeks and months when you will be tempted to give up and to try something different. Mr. and Mrs. Frustration will knock at your door seeking entry. Politely ask them to leave your premises,” he said.

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