Reject the Compromis Agreement! BPP urges, and start all over again

By Ingrid Fernandez/ Staff Journalist

The Belize Progressive Party this week said that taking the Belize territorial dispute with Guatemala to the International Court Guatemala is nt the only option available to Belize. All Belize has to do is to reject the 2008 Compromis agreement and so oblige Guatemala to find another avenue to pursue her claim against Belize.
The long disputed 2008 Compromis is not lawful until it is approved by the Senate in Belmopan, and voted on by the people of Belize in a referendum, the BPP said, the BPP pundits say, adding that the Senate is where the people have the power to do away with the Compromis Agreement.

Going to the International Court of Justice is not a viable solution for Belize, BPP Leader Patrick Rogers said in a You Ttube video.
Rogers said that in the event that the people reject the 2008 Compromis Agreement , Guatemala will have to find another way to put forward its claim, because it is not Belize who is directing the claim.

The BPP foresees that the next route Guatemala might pursue would be go to the United Nations Security Council. The BPP, but Belize will have the winning edge at the UN because the Security Council has already recognized Belizean sovereignty over its territory when Belize obtained her independence independence in 1981.

The most satisfactory resolution to the dispute, the BPP said, would be for Britain to honor the agreement it made with Guatemala in the 1940’s. In the early stages of the dispute, Guatemala offered to give up the claim for 70,000 pounds, but Britain wanted to pay only 50,000 pounds.
If Belize were to lose at the ICJ, Belize would need to cede territory to Guatemala, and that is not an option, the party stoutly declared.

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