PUP vs Saldivar

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

PUP Leader Francis Fonseca says that his party’s national executive did not act illegally or outside of its authority when it decided to suspend the party’s Belize Rural North standard bearer, Arthur Saldivar.

In an interview with The Reporter this week, Fonseca said: “We’re absolutely 100 percent satisfied that his suspension was in accordance with the [PUP] Constitution. The entire national executive discussed the matter, deliberated the matter and we stand in unity behind that decision, so there’s no question about it being unconstitutional.”

Fonseca’s response was in direct response to the PUP’s Belize Rural North executive’s position that Saldivar’s suspension “was unconstitutional and baseless”. Saldivar’s executive protested in front of the party’s headquarters on Queen Street two Fridays ago .

BRN executive’s public relations officer, Oswin Blease, told The Reporter that they only learned of the suspension on the news and that their executive branch was convinced that the party should have consulted with Saldivar’s executive before such a decision was even contemplated.

“A suspension of any member can only be made via the constituency arm of the executive branch,” Blease told this newspaper at the time.

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