PUP vs Ramos (Pt 2)

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

The deputy leader of the People’s United Party (PUP) Julius Espat, has opined that PUP Dangriga area representative, Ivan Ramos, should be disciplined for going against the party’s official position on acceptance of PetroCaribe funds from the Government.

Ramos, who at the PUP’s last press conference implied that he was forced out as the party’s standard bearer to make way for Anthony Sabal, last week went against the party’s position, when he wrote to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, formally requesting $25,000 of PetroCaribe funds. This sum of $25,000.00 has been allotted to each opposition member of the House for his/her constituency.

In his letter to the PM, Ramos expressed his support for the PetroCaribe initiative and explained that he needed the money to have a Mothers’ Day/Fathers’ Day event in his constituency this month.  Along with his letter of application for the money, he also submitted a budget of what the planned event will cost.   

His act of defiance has annoyed Espat, who has publicly declared that Ramos “should be disciplined because we (the PUP) have rules and regulations and if we form part of an organization – that is the least that should be done.”
Espat went on to say he does not know the pressures that Ramos faces in his constituency.

Espat also announced that if there were other PUP representatives who were thinking of accepting the money, “it would be a good thing for us to know who they are from now … because if you bolt for $25,000, what will you not do when you get more?”
The offer is open to all members of the House until June 12, and Ramos is the only opposition member who has requested financial assistance and received it.

PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, has not made a public statement on the matter. 
Meanwhile, Ramos, who accused the PUP of “idle talk” at their last press conference to install his replacement, Anthony Sabal, may be considering to run independently in the same area.  It is a move that would not be prudent for Ramos, Espat predicted, “ because if he does it, he will be blasted away.
Reporter could not reach Ramos for his comments.

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