Police department rolls out new social initiative

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Belize Police Department has rolled out its new social campaign, designed to build community relationships by engaging with youths from the most crime ridden parts of the City.

“Be Loving And Cease Killing (BLACK) is a movement to reduce the hatred, the violence and the killing. It is more than just a march,” Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, deputy OC Eastern Division said. “It involves various components.”

The program, which was introduced last week, will include a monthly competition dubbed “Music Wars.” The initiative will involve young musicians from the most violent-prone neighborhoods writing and recording music with anti-crime and anti-violence messages.

According to Broaster, one winner will be selected each month and awarded a prize, which is yet to be determined. Broaster said they will seek sponsorship from the business community to sustain the program.

He said the department is currently in talks with BTL to see how it could get the rest of the community involved by allowing voting for the winners to happen by way of text messaging. The department will also seek the involvement of the social media community, Broaster said.

The department will continue its in-house training of officers, to teach them how to interact with members of the community and deliver professional and courteous service.

“The idea is to bridge the gap between the Police Department and the community by not only improving the image of the department but by improving their services”, Broaster said.

The program was launched last Friday with the BLACK March, which according to Broaster had nearly 2,000 participants at its peak.

The six mile march started in the Yarborough area and made its way through several gang-related neighborhoods before winding up at the Memorial Park.

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