PM reconsidering position on Hulse

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is reconsidering his position on allowing former United Democratic Party (UDP) Stann Creek West standard bearer Melvin Hulse to remain in the party, after new revelations by Hulse surfaced, making serious allegations against the party.

Barrow conceded that the recordings, which were released earlier this week, may have been a part of the original recording that led to Hulse’s resignation, but said this new set of allegations warrants some reconsidering.

On the tape, Hulse speculates that the UDP would need to buy the Dangriga by-election because Frank “Pawpa” Mena would lose if the Party did not do so. Furthermore, Hulse made serious allegations against Mena.

Barrow said he had not yet heard the recording but if what he has been told is true, it will cause him to rethink his position.

“You cannot make those sorts of absolutely outrageous statements against somebody, who hopefully will be the next area representative for Dangriga, and expect to co-exist easily with such a person inside the UDP. So I have to rethink my position”, the Prime Minister said.

Several weeks ago, Hulse came under fire from his party leader after a secret recording emerged with him making serious allegations against the Prime Minister. Barrow even threatened a defamation suit. Hulse eventually resigned, but was allowed to remain active in the party and that seemed to be the end of the saga.

Barrow said he has not been in contact with Hulse since the revelation of the original recording.

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