PM hosts third annual business forum

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Dean Barrow held his third annual Business Forum on Thursday in which members of the private sector met with the public sector to discuss ways to strengthen Belize’s business climate.

Mike Singh, chief executive officer in the Ministry of Trade and Investment and co-chair of the Economic Development Council (EDC), said the purpose of the forum was to get feedback from the private sector in terms of sharing goals and vision.

According to Singh, the forum provides an opportunity for the private sector to voice their opinion on the direction they would like to see the government take.

Singh indicated that the forum would be held in a series of panels in which, several topics would be discussed and the Prime Minister would be on hand to answer any concerns.

According to Singh, the private sector has been very responsive since the start of the forum three years ago and the participation has been greater than expected. Singh indicated that both sides were impressed by the collaborative effort and the feedback.

“It’s been a dialogue where we get to bring policy issues that we see as important,” Singh said.

Amparo Masen, director of Public and Private Sector Dialogue, explained that through the EDC the relationship between the public and private sectors have improved significantly.
Masen explained that the EDC is comprised of 10 members, five of whom are from the private sector and the other five are government CEOs.

Masen also revealed that the EDC has been discussing and reviewing the recently tabled Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Bill.

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