Pleased with Belize: Foreign Minister David Lin

The Hon. David L.Lin, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China on Taiwan, in Belize this week to attend a regional meeting of SICA, said he was very much satisfied with the support Taiwan was receiving from Belize in international forums.

He expressed the view that this friendship between Belize and Taiwan will bear much fruit in the years ahead.

Foreign Minister Lin was in Belize for the XV1 meeting of SICA Foreign Ministers. SICA is the Central American integration movement, concerned about matters of regional inter-dependence, trade and security.

Minister Lin took time from his busy schedule to speak with members of the Belize media on Saturday morning to say how pleased he was to be in Belize and to be a part of the Central American solidarity movement.
He pointed out that Taiwan once had an agro-based economy much like Belize’s. “We have a lot that we can show you because we lived through the same experience,” Lin said.

He mentioned Taiwan’s success with solar energy and said his country could be of great usefulness to Belize, especially since Belize enjoyed so much tropical sunlight during the year.

He said Taiwan was also keen on using her technology to help those allies of Taiwan affected by global warming.

On Monday and Tuesday this week Mr. Lin attended the XV1 meeting of /SICA countries , hosted by Belize in the enchanting village of Placentia.

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