On Taiwan’s Anniversary A renewed pledge of solidarity with Belize

On the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Taiwan, Ambassador Ben Ho had some special words of appreciation for Belize .

“Our people and government are most grateful to your government for voicing unwavering support for our participation in international mechanisms and present for the occasion and gave a speech extolling Taiwan for her economic and industrial strides, and for her enormous help to the country and people of Belize.

Ambassador Ben Ho, in reply said that under the principle of mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual assistance, bilateral relations between Belize and Taiwan since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1989 have been growing from strength to strength.

“With the guidelines of “transparency, accountability and good governance our bilateral cooperation projects in infrastructure development, in technical cooperation projects, in infrastructure development, in technical cooperation, in medical cooperation, in capacity building and education, in youth and culture exchanges, we have effectively and efficiently implemented as planned”, he said.

“Belize, though a small nation, your peaceful completion of democratization is far ahead of us. Your effort and success in environment and wildlife protection is a shining example we can emulate. Your unwavering support of us in international participation is greeted with profound gratitude and appreciation by our government and people.

“Your granting visa-free treatment to our nationals is cherished by our people. Your effort in peaceful settlement of territory issue with Guatemala, your resolve in addressing crime issue, your achievement in restructuring the Super Bond to strengthen your financial standing, in renovating and upgrading roads, to face-lift cities, in providing soft loans for affordable housing to your people merit our profound respect and full support.

“In closing we are resolved to make Taiwan a peace-maker, a provider of humanitarian aid, a custodian and standard-bearer of Chinese culture with Taiwanese characteristics, a center of invention and renovation, and a paradigm of democracy for the Chinese- speaking world.

“To Belize, we value your friendship. As a second-timer to Belize, heart and soul I am a Belizean, and I take Belize as my second home.

“I will do my utmost to further fortify and strengthen the bilateral relations between our two countries. I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you.

“Together, we are to move forward.”

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