Oceana representative honored at World Youth Conference

By Michelle Sutherland

An Oceana field representative was recognized and honored with the Environmental Youth Award during the closing ceremony of the 2017 World Youth Conference, which was hosted in Belize last Thursday.

Celeshia Guy, the award’s recipient, was recognized for her tremendous contributions to increasing awareness of Belize’s natural environment as well as promoting active youth participation in the decision making process for sustainable management and development of the country’s marine ecosystem.

Guy was rewarded the Order of Distinction during the annual Belize National Youth Awards, which was celebrated under the theme ” Globally Running to 2030, becoming Sustainably Strong!”
Oceana’s Vice-President, Janelle Chanona, said that Guy’s hard work and determination to excel represents just how bright, promising and sustainable Belize’s future can be.

Oceana says that this is the second year that one of their employees was selected for the award, following the 2016 selection of Corozal Field Representative, Ryan Rivera.

The field representative program is an innovative initiative that places Oceana’s organizers in key municipal and coastal communities to engage directly with Belizeans on marine issues.

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