NTUCB says GOB weak on stance with Guatemala

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

In the wake of Guatemala’s objection to a Belizean base being built on Sarstoon island, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) expressed strong criticism, saying the government’s response is a “position of inexcusable weakness.”
The NTUCB feels that the position that GOB has been taking regarding recent incidents occurring between Belize and Guatemala, have been a far cry from the assertive, vehement stance that would clearly and unequivocally demonstrate this nation’s national and sovereign integrity.

The Union also expressed its concern over statements made by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington to one media house last week, where in referring to the Guatemalan dispute, he said “we are on our way to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).”

According to NTUCB President Marvin Mora, the Foreign Minister is speaking as if going to the ICJ is a done deal, without mentioning that a referendum is first necessary for any such decision to be made. The union said there is no guarantee that the Belizean electorate will vote in favor of having the Guatemalan claim over Belize settled at the ICJ.

Mora added that government’s weak stance has actually encouraged Guatemalan incursions into Belize, and has encouraged the Guatemalan military to undermine the Belizean Coast Guard, the Belize Defense Force (BDF) and Belizean people.

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