No comment on replacement ambassador to Guatemala, says CEO of Foreign Affairs

The person chosen to replace Ambassador Alfredo Martinez as Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala is a matter solely for the Prime Minister to decide, says Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexis Rosado.

Rosado, a career diplomat, has been cited by several local media houses as the one being considered to assume the now vacant post.

Rosado, however, refused to comment on whether or not those reports were accurate.
“No one can fill his (Martinez’s) shoes, but whosoever the Prime Minister chooses I’m sure will bring his own persona, and will be the right person for the job,” Rosado said Thursday.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington told the media this week that he has a suitable candidate in mind for the post; however, he has not contacted the person and, therefore, declined to give his name.
Elrington said that the Prime Minister may name Martinez’s successor as early as next week.

H.E. Alfredo Martinez, a well respected Belizean diplomat, died on July 8 in an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in Guatemala City.
According to Elrington, Martinez was visibly ill and thus the news of his passing was hurtful but not surprising.

His cause of death was reported as “full body chemical imbalance.”
Martinez was known for, among other things, his extensive work in negotiating the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute.
He was honoured with a state funeral on July 12.

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