More questionable land transactions involving Vega family unearthed

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

The Reporter has confirmed several other questionable land transactions that occurred while former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega was the minister responsible for lands, and involving his family members.
The documents show that while Vega was Minister of Natural Resources, members of his family, in some instances, more than once, received land certificates for lands from the Department of Lands for government lands in various parts of the country that were transferred to them.

The parcels of land are located in the Orange Walk District, and in one case, Cayo, where a previous lease holder to the land was cancelled and subsequently and land certificates were subsequently issued to the new recipient.
The documents are the second batch to surface since Vega resigned as Minister of Natural Resources. A month ago, we published documents showing a land transaction in which a franchise in the name of Vega’s brother, German Vega, had received a large acreage of government land in Carmelita village, Orange Walk, for a measly $800.

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