Michel Chebat runs for PUP in Cayo North

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Attorney Michel Chebat has announced his intention to run as a standard bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP) in the Cayo North constituency, which became available after incumbent Joseph Mahmud decided not to seek re-election.
Chebat said he has started to visit the people of Cayo North over the last two weeks to get a feel for their needs and to hear their concerns.

According to Chebat, one of the critical issues in the division is employment and if he were to win the area, he would look at ways to develop more employment in Cayo North, including looking at ways to develop tourism and agriculture in the area.

Chebat doesn’t know if there are other candidates for the PUP in Cayo North or even if he will be endorsed, but said he would welcome the challenge of contesting the division.

His interview revealed he has worked with the PUP in several divisions, though this is his first time as a candidate. And while politics has a reputation for being dirty in Belize, he thinks it is time for new ideas and for changing the way politics in Belize is perceived. Chebat said he will bring fresh ideas and be the voice for the people of Cayo North.

Chebat was born in San Ignacio and attended Sacred Heart College before pursuing a law degree in Jamaica.

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