Mexico supports peaceful solution to territorial conflict

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Our neighbour to the north, Mexico was the first country to support Belize’s political Independence at the United Nations in 1981, and that country supports a peaceful solution to the territorial conflict that Belize shares with Guatemala.

Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez told reporters last week that as a border country of both Belize and Guatemala, Mexico supports all efforts towards reaching a peaceful resolution of the conflict, even financially.

“From the very beginning when Belize and Guatemala, under the framework of the OAS, agreed to go to the ICJ, Mexico welcomed that decision and we are also supporting all the efforts to maintain the Adjacency Zone office of the OAS,” the Ambassador said. “Mexico is ready to continue supporting all these initiatives that look for a peaceful solution…As part of the Group of Friends, we have been very supportive and we have given money and we will be trying to give more money.”

The diplomat said his country supports Guatemala’s referendum in April and while it understands Belize’s reason for not yet announcing a date for that exercise here, Mexico also supports Belize holding the referendum. He said Mexico will discuss the issue at the Group of Friends meetings to find mechanisms to raise more funds towards the process.

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