Mexican trade mission meets with local counterparts

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A Mexican trade mission, comprising businessmen in the construction industry, is scheduled to meet with their counterparts in Belize on Tuesday, to share information on the scope of their products and services.

Seven companies from the Chetumal area are expected to be represented during the discussions, from 9:00 a.m. until midday at the the Instituto de Cultura y Coopercion, Mexico – Belize on Newtown Barracks.

The discussions, according to Head of the Commerce, Trade and Tourism Unit at the Mexican Embassy, Javier Aguilar, aim to establish links and thereafter, to start realizing what are the areas of imports or trade that Mexicans in the Qunitana Roo area in particular, can provide to Belize.

Aguilar mentioned that the occasion also presents the opportunity for Belizean businessmen to offer the Mexicans their goods and services, thereby creating a medium to expand and improve businesses and economies on both sides of the border.

Mexican businessmen who specialize in ceramic tile-making, block-making, the steel and cement industry will be a part of the trade mission.

Through a similar exchange in the past, Mexico has provided office and sports uniforms to a number of local companies.

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