Mayoral candidates dissect audit and city finances

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Mayoral hopeful, Yolanda Schakron and incumbent Mayor Darrel Bradley this week disputed details of City Council audits over the past several years and the municipality’s finances. Schakron claims mismanagement on Bradley’s part while the Mayor insists he has always been transparent.

At a press briefing earlier in the week, Schakron called out Bradley on audits from 2012. She said those audits raise more questions than provide answers because the first was inconclusive, while the second was incomplete and the third lacked credibility because the auditors could not provide an opinion of the Council’s status.

Former PUP Mayor and practicing accountant, Jose Coye was also present at Shakron’s briefing and chimed in saying that he believes CitCo is mounting unsustainable debts.

Coye said he has observed that in 2012 the Council’s debt was over $14 million but in 2014 that amount tripled. He concluded that without help from the Central Government, the municipality would be bankrupt.
Bradley, however, scoffed at Coye’s observation, questioning his credibility and maintained that all the recent attacks coming from the opposition are not objective and are merely political propaganda leading up to the elections, which are two weeks away.

Bradley did admit though that the municipality’s debt has increased, saying that many municipalities around the world operate on great debts and rely heavily on Central Government support.

Bradley argued that he has always run the Council as transparently as possible, having periodic reports detailing the Council’s progress with the media.

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