Mayor says BML trasition smooth so far

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Mayor Darrell Bradley said that the transition of almost 150 Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) workers over to the City Council (CitCo) has been going very well one month into it and the Council has even started providing new services to the city.

Bradley indicated that since last month when CitCo took on 147 addition staff members from BML, they have been monitoring the situation very closely to ensure success of the transition. Bradley said he has been coordinating very closely with Dion Leslie, the councilor with responsibilities for sanitation.

Bradley said he has even been informed by Leslie that equipment that has been gifted to them by the central government at a value of over a million dollars has landed in the country. The new equipment includes dump trucks, buses, backhoes and other equipment to facilitate the sanitation aspect of the city.

Bradley said they have crews on the ground everyday doing different aspects of the sanitation upkeep. Bradley indicated that they are even sweeping streets, a service which has not been provided to the city before as well as clearing canals and drains. Bradley said the Council is trying to ensure that residents get proper value for their money.

Bradley also said the cost of sanitation is still expensive. According to Bradley, they have been monitoring the wage bill, which has gone from $180,000 before the transition to $320,000 since absorbing the BML workers. Bradley said the increase is a significant one and said so far they have not had any problems and everything is working well.

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