Japanese government sponsors new classrooms for Carmelita School

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Japanese government signed a grant for US $103,086 to assist the Carmelita government school in Orange Walk in constructing several new classrooms and bathroom facilities to assist with the overcrowding at the school.

Japanese Consular, Hiromoto Omaya said the assistance would help to strengthen the relations between Japan and the Central American Integration System (SICA). He added that the Japanese government believes that education is the key for sustainable development of a country.

Omaya said that like other island nations, Japan lacks resources such as oil and land for agriculture but over the past 150 years they have invested in their human resources with education to fuel their modernization.

“There was a very poor village in northern Japan and they didn’t have much food to eat so the Japanese government gave them a hundred bags of rice and instead of eating it, villagers sold the rice and with that money they built a school saying that rice, if you eat it, it will finish, but education will last,” Omaya said before signing the grant.

Keith Augustine, Carmelita government school principal said the school was extremely grateful for the contribution by the Japanese government as it would provide much needed space for the school and the students. Augustine said he expected that construction of the classrooms and bathroom facilities would begin within the next three months and be completed within the next few months after.

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