GOB and Mexico sign bilateral trade agreements

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Cattle producers in Belize will soon benefit from increased markets to sell their livestock, through a new bilateral trade agreement between Belize and Mexico.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, signed the agreement on Belize’s behalf this week at a scheduled meeting in Mexico. The agreement among other things, will work out reducing the import tariffs on Belizean livestock to make it more competitive on the Mexican market.

Elrington said the he expects to sign a similar trade agreement with the Government of Guatemala this year.
While in Mexico, Elrington also received a Mexican award known as the Order of the Aztec Eagle which is the highest level award given to a non-Mexican. Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Jose Antonio Meade, conferred the award to Elrington during his visit.

Chief Executive Officer of Agriculture in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, explained that Belizean cattle growers have invested heavily in the quality of the animals they rear, which has already caught the attention of regional customers.

“The clean bill of health coupled with the investments local farmers have been making in breeding and rearing techniques, has more customer from neighbouring countries looking to buy Belizean beef,” Alpuche said.

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