Former Immigration CEO created disharmony, says Minister Hulse

Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse told the Reporter on Wednesday, that former CEO, Candelaria Saldivar was removed to try and bring harmony to the department.

“Many people found that her strengths were too stiff”, Hulse claimed in an interview, and “the Prime Minister and the Cabinet decided that we will place her in another spot where her strengths will be better utilized.”

That “spot” has not yet been located by the Office of the Prime Minister, and pending reassignment Saldivar, the sister of Minister of National Security John Saldivar, remains on fully paid administrative leave. Almost one month ago, on a Friday, Immigration CEO Candelaria Saldivar walked into her office, packed up her personal items and left the building.

Sources in the department would not reveal the reason for her departure, but did verify that she was placed on immediate leave while the Office of the Prime Minister finds a new position for her in the Public Service.

Saldivar’s rise through the Public Service, from Clerk to Accounting Officer to Chief Transport Officer and then CEO, has been meteoric. So what then could be so consequential as to allow for her immediate removal as CEO?

Speculation has been rampant, largely based on the sensitive post which Saldivar has held in the Ministry of Immigration.
But Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse says it was nothing of the sort – “first of all she was not suspended, she has definitely not been fired and she has not been accused of wrongdoing because she did nothing wrong.”

According to Hulse, Saldivar was “on the money, precise, accurate and a very good accounting officer.”
Those are excellent qualities in a Chief Executive Officer, but there were apparently those in the department who could not work with her, leading to a very significant Cabinet decision to remove her.
Hulse maintains that “we have to try and bring harmony, so it is not an indictment on her. It is just that in human relationships and in human nature, there may be many back and forth nuances that come up in our daily lives.”

With such strong praises coming from the Minister, it seems unfair and to an extent, petty to remove a senior public officer and CEO for having great qualities. But it has been done and Saldivar-Morter awaits relocation.

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