Fonseca says Saldivar will remain out of the PUP at this time

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, says that his party’s decision to oust the party’s Belize Rural North standard bearer, Arthur Saldivar, remains intact, despite what Saldivar says.

Fonseca told reporters last Friday that Saldivar “can desire to do what he wants, but…when the party speaks and the party makes a decision, we must all support that decision and abide by that decision and that is the decision of the People’s United Party in 2014.”

Soon after Saldivar was removed as the party’s standard bearer, he made derogatory remarks of his party’s leader, saying that the leadership leaves much to be desired.

“The U.D.P. in its tyrannic unconstitutional way of doing things – the way the Prime Minister expropriates private properties and everything else – that has been given sanction now by the party leader in the People’s United Party. He has gone outside the constitution and done something on his own, very arbitrarily, that has wide reaching ramifications, nationwide. And so we cannot make a distinction at this point between the P.U.P. leadership and U.D.P. leadership,” Saldivar remarked on public television.

Reporters asked Fonseca to respond, and he said that Saldivar was understandably upset for having been removed.

“Anybody who is removed will not be happy with the leader. That’s granted. So I have no comment on that. We did what we believe was in the best interest of the P.U.P. at this time and what is in the best interest of Belize. And that decision was taken not only by Francis Fonseca. That decision as taken by the national executive of the P.U.P,” Fonseca replied.

Contrary to Saldivar’s suggestion that anyone can be elected at the party’s national convention, which is scheduled to be held in the upcoming months, Fonseca said that isn’t possible and that the PUP will have a new standard bearer for Belize Rural North by the end of this year. Fonseca was also not concerned if Saldivar chooses to run independently in the area.

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