Education sector signs tripartite agreement

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

This week a first of its kind tripartite agreement was signed between the Ministry of Education, the University of Belize, and Bridgewater State University.

The Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, President of the University of Belize, Allan Slusher, and Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria, President, Bridgewater State University, signed the agreement on Wednesday on the St. John’s Anglican Primary School compound.
“What this agreement does is to spell out in detail some of the relationships that will exist and will be put in place, not only between BSU and UB, but also BSU and the Ministry of Education,” Slusher said.

He explained that through the agreement, one student per year from UB will be given a full scholarship to do a Master’s degree in education at Bridgewater. Five Bachelor’s degree students will also receive the opportunity to spend a semester of their final year at BSU, courtesy of the school.

The Ministry of Education will also be given five scholarships to disburse, through whatever criteria they set.

“What it also does is help us to expand the relationship away from just education, where it is concentrated now, to include cooperation in social sciences, science and technology, and in the arts,” slushier added.

Apart from scholarships UB will be able to seek guidance from BSU in terms of improving management practices to offer better service to the students.

In his remarks, Faber explained that the agreement was an anomaly because generally Universities make agreements with other universities and not governments. Mohler-Faria added that while BSU has over 40 cooperation agreements worldwide, this is the only tripartite agreement. He also said that Belize and BSU have a long standing, mutually beneficial relationship.

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