Department of Local Government and Belize Mayor’s Association conduct training

By Ingrid Fernandez/ Staff Journalist

The Department of Local Government and the Belize Mayor’s Association conducted a training session this week in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye with the aim of improving managerial work at municipal councils.

The training was specifically aimed at enhancing the municipal accounts management capacity system at town and city councils. It included learning how to use the QuickBooks Accounting Program.

The organizers hope the session helps councill improve in policy and decision making.

Participants of the training included administrators, accountants, financial officers, account clerks and revenue managers.

The training also included areas of discussion on posting and managing transactions, posting and managing budget estimates and balance sheet reporting.

Participants were equipped to properly post and manage asset values, budget estimates and other accounting data on the QuickBooks program.

The new skills are expected to enhance city and town councils’ ability to accurately reflect assets and liabilities, and track accounts, profits and losses.

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