Contracts worth more than $9 million signed for more infrastructure

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Infrastructural works are set to begin, with the signing on Monday of several contracts that have a combined value of more than $9 million.

The contracts, signed on Monday by Minister of Works and Transport, Rene Montero, include the pavement of five miles of the old Northern Highway with hot mix asphalt and work to begin from the intersection of the Phillip Goldson Highway and the old Northern Highway. The works will be carried out by Rodla Construction at a cost of almost $3. 5 million.
Another contract was for the concrete paving of Olivia Sentino and Cayo Streets in Punta Gorda Town and the concrete paving of Ramos Road and a section of Ecumenical Drive from the highway to the bridge in Dangriga.

The contract for those projects went to Cisco Construction Limited at a cost of $662,523.00 and $782,907.00, respectively.

Cisco Construction will also be responsible for the installation of a reinforced concrete roundabout at the intersection of the George Price Highway, Faber’s Road and Lake Independence Boulevard, as well as another roundabout on the Phillip Goldson Highway at its intersection with Chetumal Street. This contract is worth $3.6 million.

M & R Construction Limited will do the rehabilitation of parking space at the Sir Charles B. Hyde Building in Belize City. The contract is worth $295,981.40. Ingenieria Geofisica y Sistemas of Mexico will provide baseline data monitoring equipment at a cost of $237, 040.00.

The works are scheduled to be completed by February of 2015.
The contract for consulting services and architectural designs for the Punta Gorda Sporting Complex went to Mahung & Partners Limited, headed by Sheldon Mahung. The contract is worth $89,000 and after the design is complete, will be followed by another bidding process for the actual construction.

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