CITCO provides online driver’s license renewal service

Belize City has around 15,000 drivers and of that amount those who wish not to endure the long lines at the Traffic Department to renew their licenses don’t have to do so any more.
That’s because the Belize City Council this week unveiled its online driver’s license application and renewal system.
At drivers can go through the process and drivers will be able to pay, at least for now, via their credit cards at Atlantic Bank. Within a few months, the Council will introduce paying through the banking system.
According to Deputy Mayor Bernard Pitts Junior, the service is free of charge but there are optional charges.
“For example, if you want to have it expedited, which you already have and also the option of having it delivered to you, … that comes with a charge.”
In order to receive the license, drivers can either take their printed receipt to the Traffic Office or, as an option, pay an additional $10 to have its delivered.
But the delivery can take a few days, so in the meantime, drivers can use their printed receipts as proof of payment for their license.
To find the section on the website, click on the “Web” menu at the far right, and then on the tab that says “renew driver’s permit”.

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