CitCo hosts breakfast for Guatemalan and Belizean children

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Belize City Council hosted a breakfast and entertainment session for Belizean and Guatemalan children at the BTL park on Wednesday morning. It is a part of continued efforts to further strengthen diplomatic relations between both countries, in the face of the long standing Guatemalan claim on Belizean territory.

Mayor Darrell Bradley welcomed the children from the border towns of both countries as well as the Mayor of Melchor de Mencos, during a brief ceremony at the park. He expressed his gratitude for the friendship between Belize City and Melchor de Mencos as sister cities and stressed how important it is to continuously foster that relationship.

Bradley said the breakfast was hosted in partnership with the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the discussion, in relation to the activities that are going on in Belize over the last week, in an effort to promote awareness about the Belize-Guatemalan issue.

According to Bradley, CitCo was asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to host the breakfast, which also included youth from Benque Viejo Del Carmen. “What we’re doing is promoting engagement, especially with our youth who can engage with one another in fellowship, in the spirit of friendship and cooperation, to really highlight the fact that in order for peace to come, we need to have understanding and we need to have a coming together. It’s really an honor to support the initiatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in hosting this breakfast and I think it’s a wonderful actively,” he said.

Bradley said his relationship with the Mayor from Melchor de Mencos has been very cordial. On several occasions he was hosted in Melchor for several meetings. “We’ve had lunch together and he’s always greeted us in the spirit of friendship and it’s an honor and privilege to have him in Belize City,” Bradley said. “What we’re doing also, is talking about ways that we could deepen our friendship with San Benito, deepen our friendship with Flores and Santa Elena and also Melchor de Mencos, who are strategic partners with our border cities and also with Belize City,” he added.

Bradley also expressed his support for taking the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ. He said he thinks it is important for all Belizean to listen to all sides of the argument, learn the facts and make their own independent position on the issue.

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