Circle R Rice Done Right!

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Circle R Products, doing business as Belize Food Supply, has cleared itself of all allegations that it has been producing contaminated rice, by rival importer, Jack Charles.
In a press release on Wednesday, Circle R said it makes sure that all its products are grown, processed, and packaged safely, and that the Jack Charles’ allegations are baseless.

“The claimant reportedly sent three samples of local rice to EUROFINS Lab in the USA to test for this mycotoxin. According to the lab results presented by the claimant, the grains contained “less than 2 micrograms per kilogram” of aflatoxins. If the samples of rice sent by the claimant were indeed samples of locally-produced rice, we are pleased to note that EUROFINS Lab has described the results of these tests on our Belizean produced rice as “excellent”’, Circle R stated in its press release.

The company thanked consumers for their trust in Circle R products and assures them that its products will continue to maintain top quality
. “Whether you’re running a farm, a business, or a family, Circle R Products stands on the foundational promise—Done Right”, the company said.
The Belizean-owned company is located in Blue Creek, Orange Walk.It has been in business for 20 years.

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