Chetumal looks for trade opportunities in Belize

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Chetumal Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and the Embassy of Mexico visited Belize this week as part of a trade mission.

The Institute of Mexico in Belize City served as the meeting venue onWednesday, and was aimed at identifying potential buyers for Chetumal’s products and services as well as to scout Belizean products, services, and investment opportunities.

Javier Aguilar, head of trade, investment, and tourism affairs for the Embassy of Mexico, explained that the mission was important because of the history Belize has with Chetumal.

“This is very significant because we are talking about companies from a neighboring city with historical ties to Belize,” Aguilar said. “There have been missions from cities like Yucatan, Cancun, and other cities in central Mexico, but none from Chetumal.”

He added that given the good reception, the embassy plans to hold trade missions two to three times per year.

After the mission, the 19 companies that made connections will be responsible to ensure that they maintain communication to materialize any arrangements. The Mexican embassy has pledged its support, however, wherever possible.

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