Celebrating women entrepreneurs

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Women entrepreneurs from all over the country gathered this week for a conference in commemoration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.
The event, held under the theme “Unite, Ignite, Expedite,”‘ was held on Wednesday at the Belize Biltmore Plaza hotel.

The event featured presentations from guest speakers on various topics such as “Taking Risks” presented by Dana Avery, a writer and business development consultant from Barbados. Participants also spoke about using technology to advance businesses and “crowd funding” as an alternative to the banking sector. 

Danalyn Myvett, president of the Belize Center for Training and Development and Belize’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador, explained that the conference forms a part of a regional effort geared towards empowering women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.
“Seventeen ambassadors from the Caribbean came together and coined the theme, which looks at how we can empower our women entrepreneurs,” Myvett said.

“The conference, which is the signature event, will look at how we can unite, and the subsequent events will be looking at how to ignite and expedite the businesses.”
She added the event catered to the full spectrum of women entrepreneurs from startups to those with established businesses. Myvett also said that as Belize’s ambassador, she would be looking at pursuing initiatives to expand the business of local entrepreneurs to bring them to export readiness.

The network of ambassadors will be launching an initiative entitled the “Wednesday Wow” in December, which will highlight successes of women entrepreneurs on a global scale.
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a United Nations (UN) recognized event celebrated by many of its member countries on November 19th.

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