BIL reconfigures and takes new direction in 2016

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

The Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) is increasing its role in 2016, exploring engagement in different types of infrastructural developments apart from sporting facilities, which were its primary focus.

Commissioned in 2012 to act as the executing agency on behalf of the government, BIL’s role and responsibility is to undertake and oversee the design and construction of capital projects, mainly in the area of sports and multipurpose facilities.

The new Belize City Centre, scheduled to be completed in 2017 is the final sporting facility that BIL will oversee as it shifts its focus now, in an exploratory phase, in infrastructural port and cruise terminal projects.

BIL’s General Manager, Christy Mastry told the Reporter, “we’re looking at BIL at the exploratory stage to try to find out if there are very viable opportunities that we can bring to the private sector in partnership with the government.”

Mastry explained that the government issues contracts to private companies that submits winning bids for particular infrastructural projects. That process as it relates to roads and bridges will not stop, she said, “but where it comes to infrastructure that leads to capital investment and some services to the public, that is where BIL will liaison with government and the private sector. …Government will develop what we really need for the country over the next 10 years and start to engage the private sector in the development of such projects.”

After the Belize City Centre is completed in 2017, there will be a reassessment to take stock of the sporting facilities that BIL has been integrally involved in, and Mastry says it is expected that these facilities will be maintained by the various municipalities, sport council representatives and the people who use them.

Before BIL reconfigures on its new purpose, it will see the completion of ongoing projects also scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. These include the Isidoro Beaten football facility in Belmopan, the football stadiums in Stann Creek and Punta Gorda, along with the enclosed multi-purpose court facilities for both municipalities, another football facility and outdoor basketball court in Santa Elena and a football facility in San Pedro.

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