Belize gets $35 million for education

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

A US$35 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), along with a US $461,000 grant, will be used for the development of education throughout the country.

The loan and grant were approved by the CDB Board of Directors, after a meeting with officials from the Government of Belize took place in Basseterre, St. Kitts.
The loan and grant are expected to finance the construction of 35 new schools and provide 5,300 new spaces across pre-primary, primary and secondary school levels.

The funds will also help to provide furniture and equipment, and consultancy services to prepare detailed designs and supervise construction.
This is part of an overall attempt to increase access to basic education as well as help improve the planning, management and delivery of services.

Other programs to be financed from the loan, include the implementation of an early stimulation and emergent learning (ESEL) program, a review of the school feeding program, the development of a schools’ maintenance and policy plan, development of an early identification system (EIS) for at-risk children and the development and implementation of a public education and communications strategy.

“This is in sync with the goals and objectives of Horizon 2030, the Belize Education Sector Strategy 2011-2016, and its objective of supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and development

. It also supports the CDB’s Special Development Fund Cycle theme of inclusive and sustainable growth,” the CDB said.
Five years ago the government asked the CDB for technical assistance to identify areas where the education system was weak, as well as to devise a plan to strengthen those areas.
That diagnosis identified a number of critical issues which the government and the CDB now hopes to resolve by implementing these programs through the loan.

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