Belize chairs CROSQ Executive Council

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

For the first time in Belizean history, the country will hold the chairmanship for the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) Council.

Jose Trejo, director of the Belize Bureau of Standards was elected president at the 27th CROSQ Annual General Meeting held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel on October 8th.
Trejo, who has held several posts within the CROSQ council, including vice chair and chair of the finance committee for four years, says the chairmanship is an honor for Belize, because it displays regional confidence.

“This is a significant step in raising the profile of the country to basically leading the regional agenda for the development of quality infrastructure”, Trejo said.
”The very fact that Belize has been selected to chair shows that there is confidence in Belize’s ability”, he continued.

Over his two-year tenure, Trejo will be responsible for the oversight of the various committees within the Council, as well as monitoring the progress of the CROSQ strategic plan 2015-2020.

He will also be responsible to meet with and have meaningful discussions with member states on the challenges they have in developing standards, and to help provide the necessary support to overcome these challenges. Jamaica now holds the vice chairmanship.

Trejo added that when completed, Belize’s Metrology Lab being constructed in collaboration with the European Union, will be the first of its kind within the region, making Belize the front runner in the development of Metrology.
The total cost of the building, which is scheduled for completion in early 2016, is $2.3 million, which is disbursed under the Belize Rural Development Project.
The building will host seven laboratory areas, offices, conference/training rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, storage rooms and external areas.

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