Barrow to hand over Queen Square to Sister B

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Denise “Sister B” Barrow, the younger sister of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, will likely inherit the Queen Square Division from him when he leaves politics at the end of the 2015/1520 term.
The Prime Minister confirmed the report to the media during a joint interview on Saturday, shortly after Guatemalan President-elect, Jimmy Morales’ visit to Belize.

At a press conference just after being re-elected, the 64 year-old Barrow paid tribute to his sister, referring to her as “the great Sister B, who is four years his junior.”

“You know, I know, and certainly the people of Queen Square know that I didn’t win the election in Queen Square”, Barrow told the nation. “I didn’t win the last election in Queen Square. Sister Barrow did that. It’s not anything to be proud of or to boast about”, Barrow continued, “but I did not visit a single home; did not get in touch with a single voter…They knew that if they had Sister B it was just like they had me. In fact it was better than if they had me.”

Barrow’s reason for his absence from the stomp was his personal circumstance, referring to his fragile back condition.
Barrow said that he owed his sister a great degree of gratitude for having been the one to run his campaign. She has been the one in charge of Barrow’s campaign in the division, meeting personally with the voters and facilitating assistance for them on the Prime Minister’s behalf for quite a few elections, and particularly for the last two rounds.

Sister B made the news in July of 2013, when she made legitimate efforts to assist a Queen Square resident in acquiring one of several abandoned properties that were incomplete and on sale at social rates in the Fresh Pond area. A disagreement erupted between her and the driver of the Deputy Prime Minister, because the same house had already been signed over to the driver’s brother. She did not pursue the matter beyond that incident.

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