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A New Meeting Agenda: Prime Minister To Meet New Guatemala President

A New Meeting Agenda: Prime Minister To Meet New Guatemala President
January 20
18:28 2020

A New Meeting Agenda: Prime Minister To Meet New Guatemala President

Monday, Jan. 20th.2020 –

A meeting is being planned between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, who took office last week and almost immediately, the new Guatemalan President asked for a meeting with Mr. Barrow to re-establish the ties that Belize and Guatemala once enjoyed in tourism and trade.

Giammattei told the Guatemalan press last week that Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry has requested the OAS office to serve as an intermediary to allow for the discussions.

“We are proposing…to speak to the Government of Belize, be it in Belmopan or in the Adjacency Zone, so that we can put aside the issue of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), starting with re-establishing the ties we have with Belize, in areas such as trade and tourism. There are many things that unite us, aside from fighting. So what we want is a good relationship….we are very interested in having good relations with all our neighbors,” Giammettei said.

The new Guatemalan President’s comments come only months before his country is scheduled to submit its claim to Belize before the ICJ. His comments were also friendlier than those of his predecessor, Jimmy Morales, who had said that Guatemala would vigorously pursue its claim to Belize.

Belize’s CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pat Andrews, says that Belize welcomes Giammattei’s comments and looks forward to building positive relations with Guatemala. Andrews said that the meeting with Giammattei is an important one because it will resume bilateral relations that Belize and Guatemala had in the past. The meeting, whenever it is held, will not change or stop the case that Belize and Guatemala have before the ICJ, Andrews said.

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