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Dear Compol Chester: Don’t Pay 100k+ Hotel Bill, We Support You

Dear Compol Chester: Don’t Pay 100k+ Hotel Bill, We Support You
January 15
11:19 2020

Dear Compol Chester: Dont Pay 100k+ Hotel Bill, We Support You

Wednesday, Jan 15th. 2020 –

That seems to be the overwhelming opinion of most Belizeans, who know that it is their tax dollars that creates the budget of the Police Department.

With accusations and heated opinion on the air-waves, most Belizeans blame the hotel proprietor for not getting proper authorization before allowing an astronomical hotel bill to be created.

Today, The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is scheduled to meet with members of the Belize Tourism Board, as well as the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association to determine who will pay the $100,000 plus bill, racked up by police officers at a local hotel on the island.

The Reporter understands that while the Compol ordered the officers to vacate the motel, the owner is demanding payment. In response, Williams has made it clear that the Belize Police Department will not be footing the entire bill on its own and will seek assistance from tourism stakeholders on the island.

The Commissioner is also seeking alternative accommodations for his officers, as he has no intention of removing them from the island.

Defending his intent, Williams told the media that island residents and stakeholders are aware that, following the installment of the new commander six months ago, the island has experienced a drastic reduction in crime and helped restore visitor confidence.

Letters & Opinion Received:
A harsh comment made by a local Belizean, and received by this media house, stated that this is just another case of someone trying to rape Belize and trick us out of our hard earned money, pointing out that even if you gave each of the 4 officers a furnished apartment for 6 months at $2,000.00 a month, the bill would not exceed $50.000.00.

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