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Jumoke On Leave: His Job In Jeopardy

Jumoke On Leave: His Job In Jeopardy
January 09
12:07 2020

Jumoke On Leave: His Job In Jeopardy

Shortly before the Christmas holidays Jumoke Castro, son of Minister Edmond Castro came under heavy fire from all sectors of the Belizean landscape, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who leads the party that Castro supports and defends. It followed a distasteful Facebook post that the younger Castro wrote that was obviously intended to humiliate, belittle and offend Evangelical Pastor Louis Wade Jr. and to intimidate and also humiliate his wife, Shasta, and threaten her with sexual assault.

The onslaught of rejection towards Castro’s post did not stop at mere words. People asked that the public officer, who works at the Belize Tax Service, be charged criminally and be fired for his despicable conduct. Саѕtrо made another Facebook post some days later, in which he justified that he tried to hurt Pastor Wade out of frustration and that he “brought up his wife and that was a poor choice. She should not be targeted for his actions just like we should not be targets because our father is a politician.” Castro then apologized to the Pastor’s wife and all other women who were offended by the vile post.

But that did not appease the couple who he offended who had already filed separate Police reports seeking some form of criminal charge against him. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams had indicated that in Belize there is no law that makes a threat of rape a crime. But we learned this week that the Police file has been submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for her instruction.

We have also learned that since Castro made the post, he went on sick leave and upon his return to work this week, was placed on administrative leave until the Commissioner of the Belize Tax Services, Michelle Longsworth, returns from vacation and gives him a chance to justify his Facebook post. Ms Longsworth is due back at work next Monday.

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