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Seven People Die In Deadly RTA

Seven People Die In Deadly RTA
November 29
11:11 2019

Seven People Die In Deadly RTA

As we go to press, the Reporter has been able to confirm that the death toll in Wednesday afternoon’s collision on the George Price Highway, between miles 18 and 19, stands at seven. Four of those who lost their lives were Belizeans, and three were cruise tourists returning from a day trip, reportedly to Jaguar Paw.

The Belizeans who were killed have been identified as Lourdes Wade, 45, her father Edwardo Wade, 67, and Mayra Alcoser, 29 – all in one vehicle, while the driver of the other vehicle, who died on the scene, was identified as local tour guide Errol Anthony Belisle, 67. According to sources in the Police Department, confirmed by a source in the Ministry of Tourism, the tourists who died were identified as Adrian Armijo Jr., Sara Armijo and Jaqueline Abad, all American nationals. Sara Armijo and Jaqueline Abad died minutes after the collision, while Adrian Armijo Jr. allegedly died while receiving treatment.

This Red SUV was crushed in the horrific accident Nov. 27th. 2019, the occupants were Lourdes Wade, 45, her father Edwardo Wade, 67, and Mayra Alcoser, 29

Preliminary investigations have revealed that Lourdes Wade was driving a red Chevy SUV, along with passengers Edwardo Wade and Mayra Alcoser around 3:00pm, heading to Belmopan after attending a ceremony at Coast Guard headquarters at Mile 4. A source at the scene of the collision told reporters that between miles 18 and 19, the red SUV overtook another vehicle on a curve, and crashed head-on into a grey Dodge Ram van heading toward Belize City. The van, being driven by Belisle, was carrying 13 passengers, all who received injuries.

The occupants of this white Van were, Driver Errol Anthony Belisle and 13 tourists

The Reporter has also spoken to Police and Ambulance sources who told us that immediately following the accident, emergency vehicles were unable to get to the scene with paramedics to render assistance, because of the congestion of vehicles on the road. The collision happened around 3:00pm, and up to 4:00pm Ambulances were allegedly unable to reach the scene. On social media, there were frantic calls for doctors or medical personnel caught in traffic to render aid, and there were also pleas for persons to clear the area so that paramedics and Fire Department personnel could get through.

“We as drivers have to be concerned and careful when driving on the highways. And we must always be mindful that if there is an accident, and that one was really bad, that we have to wait until Police process the scene…Yes, the Ambulance was having trouble transporting the injured persons because the motorists on both sides of the highway were not giving them way for them to take off,” Assistance Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo told reporters today.

While foreign news media is already carrying reports of the accident, the Belize Tourism Board would say only that “the Belize Tourism Board and The Fort Street Tourism Village joins the nation in grieving the tragic loss of lives in the accident which occurred yesterday November 27th, 2019. We express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the Belizeans and tourists who perished, and we pray for a quick recovery for those who were injured in the accident.”

This afternoon, the US Embassy released its own statement, offering condolences to the families of all victims, and stating that “we are working to provide support to the U.S. citizen victims and their families. Out of respect for all involved, we have no further comment at this time.” This afternoon, we were reliably informed that arrangements had been made to ferry the bodies of the American nationals killed, home.

The Reporter has been able to confirm that the 13 tourists in the van were from two vessels in harbour, one from Carnival and the other from the Caribbean Cruise Line.

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